ICD Sherpa™

 ICD Sherpa™

ICD Code Searches Take Place Throughout Your Organization, in Different Departments and From Different Data Sources!

Do your ICD searches work the same way and provide consistent results regardless of the source? Do the results keep clinicians and coders compliant with the regulatory requirements? How many different applications does your organization depend on for searching ICD information, and if search results differ, how do you determine which one is accurate?


Physicians, Clinical Documentation Specialists and Coders will benefit from integrated organizational continuity across the application within their icdSherpa_captionedtextdepartment IT solutions.


VitalWare™ introduces ICD Sherpa™. Since 2011, our clinical and coding experts have been linking ICD vocabulary and ‘alias’ terms with their corresponding medical concepts, creating our patent pending, proprietary Physician Documentation Engine (PDE).


ICD Sherpa, delivered as a could-based web service or integrated database, assists in bridging the gap between what physicians say or document and what coders need to accurately and completely code. ICD Sherpa delivers an innovative alternative to the basic term search approaches by grouping medical concepts into clinically relevant “categories”, allowing clinicians to quickly filter results without productivity loss.


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Webservices diagram ICD Sherpa™, is the intelligence backbone to VitalWare’s product line, and facilitates organizational continuity by providing consistent search results throughout our suite of documentation, coding and auditing products.


VitalWare’s Web Services enable our clients and partners to embed ICD Sherpa to create fully integrated ICD solutions throughout their organization.


Features Benefits
Concept-based physician documentation engine Since 2011, VitalWare’s™ clinical and coding experts have worked in the development of the physician documentation engine, associating all appropriate abbreviations, terms, aliases, eponyms, synonyms and acronyms.
Identification of correct ICD terminology Continually trains physicians and clinicians on updated ICD terms and terminology.
Comprehensive search results Alias terms have been linked to corresponding medical concepts, so initial searches yield equivalent terminology results.
Medical category filtering Quickly filters to limit the ICD code options.
Proprietary clinical relevance algorithm Presents appropriate categorization criteria, weighted according to significance.
Contains full ICD code descriptions Familiarizes users with new vocabulary and the specificity requirements of each ICD code.
Concept related interdependencies Users are able to determine missing requirements based on documented concepts.
Delivered as a cloud-based service or integrated database Allows for flexibility in delivering robust documentation and search functionality in EMR, EHR, coding or other information systems.